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The Journal of Melanie.

Monday, May 16, 2005


I am sitting here ripping out my eye lashes, listiing to the sadddest song in the world.

tongiht I went to the keg for dinner with the macormack family, I drank to much. thanks shannon for inviting me.

my paretns are leaving tommorow for victoria, my grandpa is getting open heart sugery, people say old people die, .........could he die?

once again this is the saddest most beautiful song in the world. stars I love you. wish I could see the stars tongiht...outside..

my friends are the best. but all of you are crazyyyy, but thats what I love.
last night went to wasssabi collective, it was fair. not what I expected....to expensise.

wish thigs would go perfect this week. but I doubt the will.
I wish I was not jealous of people, it makes me hate myself. and I hate hateing myself. I just wish you were not so.....I dont even know a word for it.....but I hate it.

this is a jumble of thoughts....

wine..is speaking.....maybe...

the song makes me cry now.

Sunday, May 1, 2005

2:46PM - Can we come aboard your ship??

Second Cup is so busy, it drives me crazy...theres no time to drink a glass of water...and last night, this one girl who I was working wiht (not going to mention her name) drove me crazy....shes the nicest person in the world...and that makes me sick..come on, get mad!..and she calls me "hun"..makes me want to vomit on her more.

Alix met me at work, and we went downtown, like usuall, but nothing was like Friday night...gutter punks RULE!...we walked along the board walk ect..sitting by the sales, there was a house boat...one they rent out I guess, and there was some man sitting alone, drinking and smoking..so he yelled out to us "what are you doing"....we said nothing, then he invited us aboard his ship.....(the house boat)...we went, super neat inside....then we went to the top, and he was talking to us, then he was like "so you want to party"....ummmm......"no"....what a loser...super hido....his name was Jeremey from South Surry in Van...riot... we left the ship, walked some more....

on the way home, we drove by the hottest babe from tuesday night.....we wanted to "accidently" run into him....so we dorve the car and parked it on some sketcy steet......got out of the car and a man yelled at us "what do you want"..(like drug wise)..we ran.....

got to them, they were by the TD bank.....we went around the corner...and BAM...there they were, just by accident!.....his name is Carry...such a babe.....he invited us to come dancing with him...but it was late, and we didnt have IDs...invited them to come to a movie tonight...hope he comes........

tonight is sunday...and its free sunday (I created it)..so if you want to see a movie...come on down!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

11:55AM - weakerthans..

eveyone has updated about this already, but what the heck!

met ilana at starbucks at 7 15, bopped about town for a bit before the show, since it was so nice outside, ran into hanna outside the bean scean, looking cool as ever!...ran into some other people who were heading to the concert.....

decided it was time to hit up the scean....tons of people, I know all there names, but didnt care to say hello to them....got inside..constantines were just staring up...got right up in the centre, had to be set up...ilana and jessica kept bopping about, but I stayed in the sopt, didnt wwant to loose it, and there was some crazy beisde me...had to bee seen close to him!

stood through the constatins, they were fair...stood throguh the set up for the weakerthans..had to be in the front...ilana and jessica poped back.....they started up (the weakertahns).....smashed into the frnot bar.....which meant I had a front row spot......little fuckers pushed so hard...that Ilana got mixed into the swamp of ugly people.....after 3 songs..she grabed my arm, and I could feel her pain and anger..so I left my front spot to be wiht her..she was upset, and this made me upset., it broke my heart to see she was not having a good time...so we went to the back, kelly and jessica joinded us, as we danced like ravers, on E, dressed hippy artsey....people stared and judged like mad, but it just makes you want to go harder. so F-U.

After the show, we were invited to a beach party...but a boy who came to the movies on monday nghit...he rememberd me. such a babe...we went....and it was a sucess. not 12 year olds, just hots, and neat people...mosly the kids who work at A&B sound...the super hot one, thought I was so cute, it was a hit!........after a while of mingling...we left...drove ilana home...

worked at 5 30 am this morning, not such a hit....but one of the guys who was at the beach party came in, too bad he is ugly and boaring..but friends wiht the super hot one..it was so weird, he just poped up....didnt know what to think.

Just talked to alix like 2 mins ago on the phone, shes home realllly soooooooon!!...........could'nt sing left and leaving..becaue it reminded me of you!

love everyone!

Sunday, April 24, 2005


Dear .....

I just want to let you know, you mean so much to me, and the little things you do for me make me feel so loved by you. It's great to feel loved, especially by you, such a wickedly awasome person.

Last night I had a blast, well everytime I am with you have a blast. But it was so fun, thanks so much for inviting me for you special holidays.

We are the best together, and really should start up a company, for all religions! People will go crazy.  I loved holding you hand while sleeping.....(others who read this will think we are werid...but we are not).....we are just mel and ilana.

Julian is back now, so lets be the best fag-hags in the world...he must show us the way to the raves!.........

I just really enjoyed the plant. and basically thats what this is all about.

I must to water it now.

love melanie.





Saturday, April 23, 2005





Thursday, April 14, 2005


Played tennis wiht Ilana at 12, then hit up the bike shop for some sandwiches....have not been there in like a year...still the same as it was..so good.. got it to go so we could have a picnic in the park...stoped in at A&B sound to speak to jessica..luckily we did not run in to the boy, who thinks we stalk him...

Walked down the dangerous homless street........ya right, we were about to, but then crossed to the safer 1 way...

Sat on the dock in city park, sournded by seaguls..and geese, and ducks, and the poor loser bird who didnt fit in..

Went to the fudge place, and got some ice cream..bubble gum is the only way to go..back to my van....excited that I didnt have a parking ticket....but then I relized I did..................another $5.....that I dont have..flip....

Modest Mouse is going to Van....I dont know if I want to go...plans are in the air....torn between people....

Picked up Jessica in the night, we went to starubcks downtown....had some loaf..so F-ing good there!! Graham came, then Andrew...we went to watch "the woodsman"..kinda slow...and there was no touching of children...dissapointed...went to the casino after...got ID'd..pulled out Amber.....she worked!!! what a riot.......!!!! I was in shock....only lost 76 cents so it was not that bad....but then went to my car...and there was a 25$ parking ticket....flip...2 in one day...I was pissed...still am...dont park in the sky reach parking lot....

and today..............nothing to do, and it feels great...I also got paid for Second Cup today....I love pay day...

Saturday, April 9, 2005

3:03PM - note to self.....................

O man....last night intense....

We bought tickets for this kinda danec party at "Higher Ground" (above Spalshes night club) for $5..even thuogh you had to be 19+..just becasue we like dancing. So nervous we would not get in....so we made up all these plans, and diffrent ways to get in wiht out id..we just wanted to dance.

Met Jessica for dinner, before the dance....switched cars, got set up for the event...it was in some back sketcy ally. Up some staris....and there was a huge bouncer at the door.....I went first and flashed him "amber crew"...the 300 pounder from ontario.....and she worked. Ilana just said she lost hers...and jessica is 19...so we were all in...if we were supose to be there or not.

There were not many people there, and no one was dancing. We got up there and got the party statred...so many creeps, I could not believe my eyes...not one hot, except for the bean scean boy, and Macualey kinda hot freind...and crazy eyes..but hes crazy..

Danced a bit...for like 3 hours....after that so dead..ready to watch a movie...but we sat there around the table, and just watched...I hate drunk poeple so much.....I much prefer it when everyone is on E or acid..they are so much more friendy.

Went down through spalshes on the way out...watched people in there....SO EFFING SICK. there were these 2 fat ladies....so grose..and old perv men...absoultly disgusting. Then a song by Missy E came on, so ofcouse we boped around to that on the Splashes dance floor, wearing our rain coats.. Left.

Watched Dazed and Confused........actors so hot in that..once again, eveyone was drunk on and drugs...just can't get away from it.

The Judy was upset this morning becasue I got home at 4 45 am....whatever, shes gets over it in 2 hours..working tonight...cant wait to come home and die in my bed after work...and when I sat die..I mean sleep...never get enough.

I have not decided if I will go back to one of thoes dances in the club....I just cant get over the drunks, and how sick people look..

Now I am looking up jobs on Disney Cruise Ships...apparantly you dont have to be 21......hmmm.......better be true..need to get out...

Wednesday, April 6, 2005

5:38PM - second.........

second cup is so wicked. coolest people, coolest  job. coolest hours....just cool in there.

and the thing that made my day at work today was...........scott came in! just to say "hey" to me. and they he got a drink...and he said whatever I wanted to make him, was what he wanted! then he sat and talked to me while I filled up cups with coffee beans. hes so neat.

might hang out with him tonight.....things are in the air...but I am still pretty stoked he came in this afternoon.

I love it when boys are so wicked. and you are.

Sunday, April 3, 2005

3:04PM - last dance party....ever...

Last one ever.

Not as fun as the other two, but still a hit in my books. Ilana came over at 10. We got ready. I was a tennis player. The theme was "Tiki". Jasmine came over at 10 30. She wrapped a piece of material around her. Shes a riot.

Hit up safe way, like usually, saw Shannon as usuall...got some "gupeies" ilanas favorite candy. Hit up the dance party.

Alot of skanks. Alot of gays..alot of uglies. Smouldering beauty did not attend. bastard. Macauley was there. This time he was not a huge hit, he did look very extra super neat. but all he did was stand at the back. (and watch me, I like to think that) He was on E with Acid...what do yuo expect. Mistake.

The "fuzz" came, luckey they did no shut down the E party...Visited a gas station at 3 am for chips...danced some more..

Sat on the couch, some random named PJ...riot..came and talked to me for like 20 mins..so werid..but he was super hot..but he was a "trendy" kid, I did not know what to think. He was 22 and on 4 pills of E. I said I was 20 and on Acid. We did more than hold hands.

Left around 5 45, it was bright outside. Went to Ilana house, and made banana waffels. Went to sleep for 2 hours. And then forced Jasmine to drive me home at 9 30 am. "We have to exit", "GET UP. GOTTA EXIT". "JASMINE". Thanks I owe you one for driving.

At work I still was dancing. My manager thinks I am addictd to E. Meh, theres worse.

O ya, and I got a job at "Second Cup"...Winners is fini.

...............its nap time.

f-u macauley for not dancing becasue of your acid trip. made me upset.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

11:23PM - RIOT!

Yes, so tonight was a date night!.....kinda...

Ring 2...hilare! Met our new friend, (the smouldering beauty) from the rave thing..he so called me today. So excited. Sat beside him....and some scary parts, I did hold his hand a litte...almost snaped it off becasue he is so skinny..

Jack was also there (Scott) neatest guy ever...I invited Jessica, and she asked him to come, and he so did!....so the 5 of us, sat there, and me ilana and jess were the only ones scared....jesus Samara..creeping up the well, holy fuck..

After the movie, we went to Starbucks..were we sat and drank tea...Scott had tea..I love it when boys drink tea....jessica left, so it was the 4 of us..like a double date...hah...

Starbucks closed...I offerd smouldering beauty a ride home....Scott left..and we found out that SM (shorten his name) doesnt eat..no wnder he weighs 120 pounds..such a model babe!....droped him off.....(once again..not poor!!!! love thoes rich kids, who dont want to be rich!)....

me and ilana made sandwiches.

5:35PM - O <--- the ring.

O my goodness.......droped off many resumes this afternoon, to find a better job. Hope fully, Save on Foods will hire, myself, and Ilana for the bulk food section. Would be a riot. We would get to become friends with "Produce Man"......mmm..

This evening I am going to the "Ring 2" holy crap....going to pee everywhere...and another werid thing, this boy we met at the dance party is coming...Prince look-a-like...well basicaly he is..mmm...should be another event to go down in the adventure books.

ps. Macauley is rich. Nice pink huge house close to the lake. Who would have known!

O ya, and I got tickets to see Jack Johnson in the summer, its going to be so wicked. Thanks AVA!

Sunday, March 6, 2005

2:16PM - EVENT!

Well this week has been so crazy......all started on Thurs, started my new job at Winners (blah) at 7 am, to unload boxes in the back of the wearhouse...then my day continued by hanging up clothes for 7 hours..in the back....with some crazy eye girl...and a binge drinker...and a boy who resembled Paul M. (cutter) from school....so basically it was the worst job in the world. I had no contact with the public..and it drove me crazy...so I complained...and I said "I would rather have no job than this job" (on my first day).....and they listed and moved me in the fitting room...where I currently work.

Went to A&B sounds with Blake, bought the new Jack Johnson cd..so flipping good. Saw Jessica, she invited me to some underwater dance party...(RAVE!!!)

That night booked off work so there could be some stalking action...went to the OUC bar "the well" becasue Bend Sinister was playing there...and the "victim" would be there..Ilana would only go if she had a few drinks...so she was drinking I was driving her car..got there at like 10 30 and the parking lot was loaded..we were snuck in by some man who pretended to be drunk falling over to distract the bouncer...it was a sucess. People were poping up like crazy..so many people we knew....Ilana bought a drink at the bar $4.50..out of control prices...we boped about....then we saw ALIEN PEN...(not the new victim, like the victim 2 weeks ago..but still a good one)...I think I consider him one if my friends now! HAH....accualy saw the new victim...hes going to be a good one....it was a super fun time. and lame people were not there like the journals...so it made it even better..

Friday I worked in the fitting room.....which was acually work...nothing like the Paramont where we just chill...it sucked but it was better than the wearhouse job...meh..I dont think I will last there long...in the evening me and Lan made some calls to people about  the Dessert Picnic..no one was home...it was a falier...although we did pop to Scotts house (ilana new found out neiboughr) he was home reading comic books on friday night...doubt he will come to the picnic but my fingers are crossed.....then we went to the "Sea Inside" super beautiful movie...about suicide...came to my house where we poped in Ghost World (best movie of my life)..and I fell asleep in the sauna.

Sat, went to Hotel Rawanda with Judy...very intense movie. But really good. Worked in the evening. Then Jessica called about the dance party...I said I would go....SOOOO this is where the party begins!!!!! I met Jessica at the Grand 10 after she was done work.....and we went to the place called the "Rusty Buckle" it was so neat...people going crazy.....SOOO many hot gays....Julain missing out!!! Although your X BF was there Rylie!!! SOOOO HOT!!! we were talking about you...and then he was so dancing infront of us like he was a male stripper, so wonderful!............danced for like 3 hours then went to Perkins for a rest, where Suzy (mean native waiter) we watched people. Went back, Jessica left, me and Ilana hit up up even more.....

Now......................best part of my night!!! There was the neatest boy (NOT GAY) Who I swear was Mucauley Culkin!! he was so neat. I watched him all ngiht..and he was the crazyest dance...........I though he was so hot.........got his licens plate.......he is so going to be my next Victim...............He was wearing a striped Pirate shirt, neat pants with a chain..vans...and he has 2 black stars under one eye...and his hair was a werid mo hawk, that was not sticking up...so there was some long hair, bobbin around.....in love.........he is the neatest

OOOOO Mucauley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where are you!!!!!

Current mood: cheerful

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


I love the red chips.

I knew you would all come back to me.

When you say good bye forever.

it never is.


I love winning.

Current mood: enthralled

Tuesday, February 8, 2005


This has gone downhill.

I guess the journals used to be cool, when everyone was together and knew what everyone was talking about. But know, I never know what people are writing about.....and when I update no one knows what I am talking about...(except Ilana)......dont know what else to say......so have a nice life.

Ps. I am sitting in my bed right now drinking tea listing to Gwen Stefani...and its 4:06 pm. I need to get a job.

Current mood: content

Monday, January 31, 2005


Tonight with Jessica.

-Starbucks. Gossip for two hours.

-Casino. Blackjack. Horses. Won $7.00.

-She gave me a fake ID she used to have. Tried to use it.

-Visited various night clubs. They were closed. Its Monday.

-Cheatas was open. Walked in and then out. Sick perves in there.

-Saw naked woman. Compleatly naked.

-Went to Jess's house.

-Walked to the park and smoked black cigaretts. They tasted like cinammin.

All in all, it was a danger night. But I had a lot of fun.

Mondays are crazy.


Friday, January 28, 2005

5:02PM - Trip to the DENTIST.......AHHHHHHHHH

Stoped at Extra Foods to buy some chocolate chips for the special cookies tonight, (for Stu..hes taking my shift at work so I can go to the Snow Fest 2005 activies tonight)....bought some. And some red appels becasue I am in love.

Visited Winners for slippers becasue I am obsessed with slippers. They did not have any worth buying.

Drove to A&B Sound to ckeck up on whats happening. At the stop light I looked beside me. and Don Keith was right beside me.. I decided to not look again. So we never made eye contact. The most ackward 45 seconds in my life. Luckly he pulled behind me. He proablly did not want me to see him either.

Went to A&B..looking really good. My resume is in the "special" box. Becasue "I would fit in" (what the hiring manager said)..so basically I have talked to everyone who works there.

Dentist was at 12:30. Time to kill, went to Bargin Bargin Bargin looked for slippers, Nothing..but poor natives who looked to drinking out of pop cans. Gross. Got out of there ASAP. Mosics.browsed throuhg magazines. Bought Vogue.

Dentist at 12:30, they just remodled and new chairs, Ones that massage you, doesnt really help when theres a drill in your mouth.....and the woman told me to "keep your toung back" CRAZY...

After dentist, some carzy lady dressed like cyndi lauper (on drugs) yelled across the street at me "COOL" and I yelled back. I love crazys! The she yelled "UNIQUE" and I said "YOU TOO" she was a neat lady. And then Jessie Smith ran across the street and I talked to her for 20 mins.

Ilana called, she came over and we made cookies. Peanut butter, Coco, bannaa, cinammon toast crunch, and chocolate chips.....they are delightful.

Snow Fest 2005 Parade tongiht. 7pm Bernard. Its going to be out of control. BE THERE. (we will be) Then fireworks after.......apparantly 30 mins long.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

2:56PM - Cupcake/ Muffin = SO MUCH FUN!

If you read this, you have probally already read Ilanas update.

Well we started mixing up ingrediants to form these cupcake/ mufiin mix, it went very well. Everyhting from walnuts, hot chocolate powder, sour cream, pears, and appels, coco, and food coloring was thrown in..

The idea was acually all for Jen Saunders. Everyone must know her by now. But then we thought how fun would it be to place them on people door steps, ovioulsy a seclect few were lucky enough.

Each person got 2 cupcake/muffins, wrapped very nicely, and a nice positive meassage on a card. The list consisted of people from Ilanas Dad, Hanna, Alicia, Robin, Kelly, Jordan, Ben Peterson, JEN SAUNDERS OF COURSE....and a few more.....

So far I have heard back from Alicia (who was so excited ) Think she was the best one to give to! Hanna the gypsy...shes super neat. And JESSE JORDIE! who was so freaked out we knew where he lived!! He has invited us to come over and do drugs! Hes out of control.

Then we picked up CC, saw all his 17 million brothers. Love them all, Joshua gave us subway cupons, we did not use them, considering we went to 3 subways in Kelowna in one night. strange. Visited 7 11 and Macs....for candy.

Quote of the night "DON'T CALL ME A BABY" (CCs bro who is 3) I was calling the baby a baby, but he though I was calling him one...whatever. They are all awasome.

O ya, we have the adventure on tape. FOREVER. Thanks Leslie for the opera.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


 don't move so slow............I can't take it, wo wo wo wo wow..

Monday, January 17, 2005

3:06PM - Its going good.......

This day so far has been great.

Went into A&B sound, droped off a resume, Jessica Zais works there, she told me to come in. So I did, and I spoke to the guy that does the hiring he seemed excited. And Sven (Ingis bro) was there, and he said he would put in a word..........how sweet would that be if I worked there!

Then to VV, where I have not been in over a year.....and what did I find..a louis vuitton scarf....(probally fake, but looks really real)...also got some really neat sweaters...also got a "like a prayer" madonna tape for the van....and that rocks.....

Then I went and found a new program to join (Ilana call me)!....lookes like this one will work cool...but its a but pricy, but mother will pay...

Tanning was HOT today! Summer time is going to kill, well I am going to Kill becasue I will be so HOT!

and now I am gonig to pick up my mother from work and we are going to Curves! (yes, I go to Curves wiht the super old, super fat people) ....makes me feel really good in there, and eveyone stares at me, becasue they want my body!

Work tonight..........hope someone cool comes in......................................fingers crossed. You should  come in.


Current mood: excited

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

12:37PM - True Story.....

Last night at work I was standing around the concession just watching people come in, and Kelsey (can't remember her last name, friends wiht Katrina Mead...she kinda huge... you probally know who I am talking about) well she came in...and then dissapeerd......then I went in to the bathroom...and in the bathorrom there are 2 sides right...well she was on one side, and walked past her to the other side where she could not see me.......so we were both in there, she did not know I was in there......then she said to her friend...

Kelsey- "will you come and buy some candy wiht me from the concession"

friend- "cant you go by your self?"

Kelsey- "umm well there this girl who works here who I went to school with and shes mean." (talking about me, since I was the only one who went to school with her, and who works there!!!!!!!!!)

friend- "ok."


So they walked out, and I follwed.............and smiled in the most disney villan way.

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